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Removal of Excellence


APM perform your removals private was or professionnal, locally or internationally, APM assure you a complete service from home to home.


National removals:

You are moving To a new wilaya or a new region ...

APM provide a professionnal and experimented team who will take charge of packing your belongings carefully.

APM Team (ref. access to the APM Team tab):

APM guarantee delivery of all your belongings as soon as possible.

Our interventions (ref. access tab Our interventions)


International Removals:


Are you moving abroad ?

APM provides a counselor who will visit you to evaluate and organize your move.

APM offers the most suitable transportation mode, depending on the volume and type of items to be relocated.

APM ensures a complete follow your move from departure to receiption, by meeting deadlines and ensure continuous monitoring of your move.

APM has a relay team and high quality international, to ensure that the patterns of red tape for better care of your move.

Our international network (ref. access to the network tab)




Required documents:
- An inventory valued and dated property you entrust to us.

Towards Third Countries:
- A letter of transfer from your employer.
- A certificate of residence. to procure;
* From Town-Hall of your town if you are of Algerian nationality
* Consular service if you are of another nationality.
- A copy of your passport.


On arrival, formalities depend on the destination country. These will be provided during the preparation of your move. 


Our warranty insured, you can in case of injury, to be assured of replacing the property at an amount equal to its declared value.



APM operates throughout the country, providing a quality service.


With a global network APM provided its servicers worldwide, APM helps you or you go.


With a large storage area, consistent with the global standard, provides absolute safety for furniture storage.


The security of your property is secure by us consists of a team of professionals with a high-tech technology, APM provides total security.


APM is committed to respect the private data of the customer, it ensures discretion and attention vis-à-vis its customers.


Special care and professional support will be provided throughout the entire process of your move.

What we do

The Furniture Repository is to put your belongings in wooden crates that are designed and implemented in scelés special room concervé be for a period that you will have to choose

Packing and loading: Provision of packing materials suitable for each effect. Boxes are specially made in case of need in order to best protect your belongings weakest. Very neat package, developed by a team of dynamic professionals whose only concern is to satisfy you. Loading meticulous in containers or boxes airlines. Moving specific objects: Piano, Safe, Tables and objets d'art.

Our latest projects

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