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Who are we ?


ALGERIA PACK AND MOVE , founded in 2006, is a moving company.




National : Whole territory of Algeria


International :

> European Union.

> Middle East & North Africa.

> And elsewhere.


An experience of over 5 years in the national and international transportation of your belongings and furniture business.

APM guarantee you safety in the transport of your goods for despatch to receipt.


Our Services :

- Packing and Loading: Providing a packaging material suitable for each purpose.

- The boxes are specially made in case of need to best protect your most sensitive effects.

- Packaging meticulous, carried out by a team of dynamic professionals whose only concern is to satisfy you.

- Loading meticulous in containers or boxes overhead.

- Moving to specific objects: Piano; Safe, paintings and objets d'art ...


Features :

- «door to door» and «home port of entry»

- Acknowledge with sureties

- Installing your equipment


APM in some figures


Our Logistics

Our Experience

H.Q : 70 m²

300 Removals:

- 170 Companies

- 322 Ambassies

- 167 Individuals

2 Warehouses : 2 170m³

- 420 m²

- 200 m²

3 Trucks

- 9 m³

- 16 m³

- 25 m³

Management Port:

- 544 Containers received

- 573 Containers Shipped

03 Vehicles

01 PickUP

01 Scooter

01 Trailer 16m³

01 Forklift

By Air:

- 235 Export

- 73 Import


APM operates throughout the country, providing a quality service.


With a global network APM provided its servicers worldwide, APM helps you or you go.


With a large storage area, consistent with the global standard, provides absolute safety for furniture storage.


The security of your property is secure by us consists of a team of professionals with a high-tech technology, APM provides total security.


APM is committed to respect the private data of the customer, it ensures discretion and attention vis-à-vis its customers.


Special care and professional support will be provided throughout the entire process of your move.

What we do

The Furniture Repository is to put your belongings in wooden crates that are designed and implemented in scelés special room concervé be for a period that you will have to choose

Packing and loading: Provision of packing materials suitable for each effect. Boxes are specially made in case of need in order to best protect your belongings weakest. Very neat package, developed by a team of dynamic professionals whose only concern is to satisfy you. Loading meticulous in containers or boxes airlines. Moving specific objects: Piano, Safe, Tables and objets d'art.

Our latest projects

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